Treats For The Eyes

Delicious looking art prints ranging from matcha frogs to spooky ice cream parlours. All art prints are printed on watercolour inkjet paper and available in A5 and A4 sizes.

Show me the snacks!

Toasty Headwear

Cosy Beanies with your choice of embroidered bears, cats, frogs and even a spooky skeleton! Keep your thoughts warm.

Gimme the beanies!

Sweet and Sticky

Beary cute glossy stickers ranging from bear croissants, kawaii drink pals, animal bentos and cute critter cupcakes.

Take me to your stickers!

Bear Barista Art Book

My first art book is here! Bear Barista is full of cute and adorable animal themed food illustrations including drinks, snacks, mains, and desserts! From bear pizza to spooky pies we have your cute cravings covered. 

Art Book Time!